Some Apps not showing maps?

I have been using apps which show me data on maps. Such as TPE - The Photographers Emeris, and MapMyWalk.

On MapMyWalk's app I can see the thumbnails of the routes I have designed (on my laptop) but when I choose one of those routes the Google map does not show up. The Google logo does but that's it.  I tap the +/- buttons to zoom out or in to see what's what to no avail.

On TPE, the same issue. So I am thinking it is not an app issue (these apps) but maybe a Google Maps issue? Although Google Maps and GPS are working just fine.

Any ideas as to where to research next?

Or have you had this issue?

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Re: Some Apps not showing maps?

Customer Support

I want you to be able to enjoy all those awesome apps stoptheinsanity! What make and model device is this? Are the difficulties limited to the specific apps you have referenced? Were the apps working differently before? How is your Google Maps app working on its own?

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