So Verizon - what are you doing about Stratosphere screeching?


As others I have the screeching problem with my phone been twice to corporate store:

TRIP 1:  well unless we can recreate there is nothing we can do - it doesn't to it all the time - they removed voice privacy, reset and sent me on my merry way.

Phone still screeching, happens about 4 minutes in to a conversation and is an unbearable LG Env was way better than this.  Put a recording app on phone and did capture the noise, albeit it did not sound so bad on recording.

TRIP 2:  Surely they will give me a replacement to try, since I pointed out the complaints people have had with the same thing.    Nope - a quite brusq sales person or whatever she was, first looked at me and asked if I turned off my phone every day, no I replied wasn't told to do that, but I do restart from time to time, that could be the problem says she, well when I was in first time, they restarted it and I have restarted - doesn't make a difference.  So she opens up back cover and lo and behold there is a tiny sticky spot on the flat surface (not in the microphone) that I have no idea how it got there, wasn't there first time I took it back.   Well thats all she wrote - I was informed phone was damaged - thats when I kind a lost my temper and told them it was doing the same damn thing it was doing when I brought it in before.   Was told good news I have insurance - what is good about having to pay $99 to replace.   I left that store shall we say a tad unhappy!!!

Verizon you make billions of dollars on your phones - why will you not fess up and acknowledge there is a problem with this phone which by the way gives me such a start when it screeches, hopefully I wont have a heart attack!!!

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Re: So Verizon - what are you doing about Stratosphere screeching?


Send it to samsung. Samsung knows how to fix it, verizon doesn't.