Smart Switch with Galaxy S4


So along with many others, I was disappointed when I heard Verizon wasn't announcing support for the HTC One at CTIA.  So, I used the last pre-order day to get the S4.  I had done some homework on the One and found that I could transfer older phone information as long as I had 2.3 Android or better.  My current phone is the Droid 2 with 2.3.3.  Looking at the Samsung website it looks like there is an older backup/restore software called Kies and then there is a new piece of software (being rolled out initially for the S4 only) called Smart Switch.  When you look at the supported phones, you see LG Android version 2.3 or better.

So what does that mean about Motorola phones?  I'm hoping that limitation is more on the Android version than it is on the manufacturer.....Does anyone have any insight on this?

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