Since verizon won't answer email, going public


I've had a series of failures of Verizon support, most recently that my SIM was not properly registered for international, and for that they sent me a new SIM which wouldn't activate. I finally got to talk to a backline person who solved that problem and who agreed to take my previous history in email and escalate as needed. That was a month ago, with no response. Since Verizon appears to read these forums, it's time to post here, and maybe get a response:

Much thanks for all your help getting my SIM card registered. You're one of the few people in Verizon who've actually solved my problems over the last few years. Please forward this to your VP of Services, or higher, both to acknowledge your excellent service and to document the repeated failures of Verizon to provide adequate service/support.

For reference, my cell phone number is (they know my number). Below is the full story. I expect an answer from someone who can take responsibility for these problems, solve them, and compensate me.

A summary of my issues which should be accessible in your records - it's a long, sad story of failure, both on the product delivery and customer service sides of Verizon.

In 2011, I planned a trip to Brazil, and before went, called and was confirmed that my then current phone, a Droid 2 Global would work in Brazil.  It did not.  My girlfriend's AT&T iPhone 3 worked just fine. The acknowledgement of my complaint is attached, but no real action occured.

In 2012, after upgrading to a Droid Razr Maxx, I again called to confirm it would work overseas, this time in Bali.  It did work,  albeit it did not get a solid signal as often as my girlfriends At&T iPhone.

Unfortunately, I dropped that phone in my pool, and it's been replaced with a Samsung Galaxy S4. I used the SIM from the Droid Razr Maxx, and it worked fine domestically, and since the Razr had worked in Bali, I assumed the S4 would work on this trip - to Ireland. It did not. My girlfiriend's iPhone worked (sound familiar?) as did my daughter's Verizon Droid Razr M. I sent an email to verizon while in Ireland  (attached), but have recieved no answer nor satisfaction.

I called Verizon when I got home and the person who handled the call said it was due to "a damaged SIM" and offered to send me a new one. When this arrived, it would not register automatically, so I called, and you (Ms. Johnson) solved the problem after the initial person taking the call escalated to "tech support".

I've worked in high tech my entire career, a good part of it in support and dealt with myriad customer issues. Verizon has failed to provide me adequate service and value for my money is many ways:

- No email support is now provided - you used to, now stopped. This is particularly bad when overseas where free wifi is plentiful, but if my phone is not working, there's no way to contact you. Your "instructions" for access to phone support from overseas are a joke - you don't understand that payphones are now rare, and not all reasonably priced hotel rooms provide phone service since cell phones are ubiquitous, at least in Europe.

- There's no way to know my phone will work where I'm going before I get there. You should at least provide a small GSM access point in your stores so this can be tested. Maybe you could even work a deal with AT&T or another GSM carried to allow validation. Or - update the the technology the rest of the world uses - GSM!

- The recent error was essentially "SIM not registered", it worked fine in the US. My diagnosis would be a failure to properly send the SIM data to the various overseas carriers (in this case Vodafone and Meteor), not a hardware failure. It's conceivable but unlikely that the LTE part of my SIM worked and the GSM part didn't, but I doubt it.

- Yet another "blast from the past". I purchased a Verizon compatible iPAD 3 from Apple in September, 2012. It took no less than 2 weeks and 4-5 phone conversations with your support to get that registered. Nowhere is it documented that there's a phone number associated with a tablet. The actual solution, which was a firmware reload is far more than should have been necessary. Yet another product failure (should have registered automatically) and support failure (multiple attempts).

Bottom line - the Verizon network provides decent service in the US. The pricing is no worse than others, the website allows me to at least rearrange the devices on my account - all good.   The bad is Verizon's ability to get things right the first time, really guarantee (and prove) overseas service and solve problems, particularly when outside the US.  

This has caused me a great deal of grief over the last 18-24 months. Given that this is at least the third failure of your support and product delivery system, I feel I'm entitled to significant compensation - I'll start by asking for 6 months free service.

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Re: Since verizon won't answer email, going public

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I totally understand your frustration and I apologize for all the inconvenience. Having a working phone when traveling abroad is definitely important, especially when it's for business or when trying to stay connected with family back home.

Please keep in mind that when using the phone outside the USA there are some things we need to make sure are set on the account inorder for the phone to work properly. Are you traveling outside the USA any time soon? If so, I'll be happy to check the account for you before you go.

I understand that email was an easy way to contact us but we no longer offer that option, but have have many other ways you can reach us like, Facebook, Twitter, over the phone, Chat, and here on our forums.

Although I can not change what happend in the past I can definitely make sure that your account is set up properly if you are traveling outside the USA. If you need assistance with your account, please follow me, JohnB_VZW, and send a direct message with your name, number, and billing password so I can access your account and further assist.

I hope we can restore your confidence in Verizon Wireless and prove we are worthy of your continued business.


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Re: Since verizon won't answer email, going public


First of all, social media as a method of communication for hot problems is bogus - I'm not a 17 year old girl bragging about my latest outfit Smiley Happy

Of course, the account has to be set up right - that's the whole problem - it never was, and there's no way to test it short of getting on an airplane and landing overseas and finding it doesn't work.

I'll reply privately and see if I can get this squared away.

This doesn't explain why it took 4 tries to activate an iPad, nor all the other issues I mentioned.   The lack of a direct email connection for support is just a disgrace - there's no need for using social media when email works.