Setting up Verizon Yahoo email on my phone?


I've searched for an answer to this, and can't find an answer.  I got a Razr Maxx yesterday, and I can't get my Verizon Yahoo email set up on my phone.

This is the process I've been trying:

Set Up Account

Select Other (Selecting Yahoo doesn't give an option to change the settings)

Enter email address ( & my password

Unchecked the Automatically Configure Account box (port 110) (port 587)

User name:  I've tried both, and also just my user name xxxxxx

Then I get an error message saying that I'm using the incorrect username or password.  I'm definitely using the correct ones though.

Does anyone has an idea how I can fix this?  I've already talked to tech support at Verizon DSL to confirm the settings.  He told me to try the ports 995 and 465.  Those don't work either, and upon further investigation on my own, I think those ports are just for FIOS.

I really want to love this phone, but I'm so frustrated right now that I'm ready to take it back to the VZW store and go back to my old iPhone.  Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Setting up Verizon Yahoo email on my phone?

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Are you sure those email addresses are correct.  I didn't know Verizon had any email service with or without Yahoo.


Re: Setting up Verizon Yahoo email on my phone?


Yes, it's an old "grandfathered" email service that they no longer offer to new customers.  Evidently, it's not very common.

I finally got an excellent VZW rep on the phone that investigated and figured out the situation for me.  The problem was that the outgoing port should have been 25, not 587.  Also, it's set up as a POP not an IMAP.