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Samsung Stratosphere Backup Asst.


I'm trying to manage my contacts on my p.c. via Backup Asst. and once I'm signed on, I get this message >

{"statusCode":"1","errorCode":"101","statusDesc":"Unhandled Exception, Please

check the server logs"}

Can someone please guide me so I can resolve this problem?  Thanks very much!

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Re: Samsung Stratosphere Backup Asst.

Customer Support

Hello rtcouture! What you're experiencing sounds like an issue with the browser you're using. I just went into my own account to see my list and had no problems. To confirm this, I recommend accessing your Back Assistant contacts using a different computer (or at least using a different browser on the same computer). I also recommend trying a supported browser. At this computer, I use Internet Explorer 8. If once you've tried a supported browser and/or PC and still experience this issue, please let me know. Thanks!

Dion M.
VZW Support
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Re: Samsung Stratosphere Backup Asst.


Dion, I too am having this same issue with my Droid 2.  I tried opening in both Google as well as Firefox.  When it gets to the screen that says "Complete Setup"...i also get this error msg. {"statusCode":"1","errorCode":"101","statusDesc":"Unhandled Exception, Please check the server logs"}