Re: Samsung Gem

Don't waste your time. The bottom line is this phone should never have been released. It is a useless device that has given everyone who owns it serious problems. It is a real piece of garbage and the fact that Verizon locks the owners of this phone into a 2 year contract without the possibility of upgrade is a shame. I'm sure the phone has been discontinued because it is clearly a lemon. I'm stuck with it for two years as well. I love how Verizon addresses the problems this phone has with the usual diagnostic procedures: reboot, take the battery out, minimize your apps etc etc. as if they didn't know it was useless, and playing dumb. I've run the gamut on these "fixes." The bottom line is this phone is a bad product that should never have been released. Verizon should offer owners of this phone an opt-out and refresh the upgrade option, if they really cared about customer service. They should never offer an inferior product anyway which is what this phone is.

I got suckered into a 2 year contract with this phone through Verizon. You don't have to look far on the internet to see that other owners of this product are completely disappointed. If you are looking for a smartphone to increase productivity, look elsewhere. This phone always freezes, especially when you really need to use it. You have to pull the battery out many times a day because the phone overheats, sputters, and goes into fits. It can barely do the basics, that is make phone calls and text messages. I have been in situations where I can't make a call for over half an hour because I have to keep restarting this phone. The restart seems to take a minimum of 5 minutes each time. The touch screen often has a delayed reaction of over 15 seconds. This phone is a total sham, and I feel robbed having been suckered into using this piece of junk. Now I'm tied to it like a boat anchor and for months. At least a boat anchor is useful. The only use this thing has would be as a target, when you go to the pistol range.


Re: Samsung Gem


yeah i know the feeling....