Samsung Continuum


Last November (2011), I upgraded to the Samsung Continuum. Ever Since receiving the phone, I've experienced many problems with it.

  1. The speaker phone has never worked, it is very screechy and distorted beyond comprehension.
  2. Every time I power on the phone, it re-sends a few sent messages that could be from minutes ago to days ago.
  3. The RSS feeds to not come across the ticker anymore, not even preloaded feeds.
  4. I have to force close multiple apps a day, which usually requires me to restart the phone.
  5. Slowness and lagging.

After reading that many people are having the same issues with this phone and had a new phone sent to them from Verizon at no cost penalties to them, I decided to go into my local Verizon Wireless store to see if I could do the same. The woman told me there that I was not able to do this, although I am still within the one-year warranty. She simply did a factory reset on my phone without asking if it was alright with me. Now I have nothing on my phone besides contacts and a few pictures that managed to make it. Even after the reset, these problems still remain. Last week, I accidently put a pen in the same pocket that my phone was in, it did make a small crack diagonally across the screen, but the phone still functions perfectly (besides the flaws listed above). The women at the Verizon store said that there is nothing Verizon Wireless can do besides let me file an insurance claim.

Is this my only option, even though the crack in the screen has NOTHING to do with the reason the phone isn't functioning correctly?


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