Retrieve old text from previous phone with broken screen


Hi All,

I previously had a Thunderbolt by HTC and switched over a year ago to the Galaxy S5.  At the time I had backup assistant on the Thunderbolt but now I have verizon cloud.

I need an old text message on my Thunderbolt which has been basically collecting dust.  Thankfully, even with the broken screen I can now see the old texts on my old Thunderbolt

How can I transfer these texts to my computer or in some way email them all to  verizon cloud?  I need to send them to other parties


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Re: Retrieve old text from previous phone with broken screen

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Here is what I would do... I would have Verizon reactivate the old Thunderbolt, then go to play store on this thunderbolt and download the verizon cloud app. When you open the app, it will ask what kind of stuff you want it to back up. You can choose to back up just text messages, or more if there is more stuff you'd like to move to the new phone. Then tap at the top right three dots and hit backup now.

After that, just reactivate the Samsung, and open the cloud, top LEFT three lines tap them, hit tools, hit restore content, make sure to include texts on type of content to restore. Done!