Randomly goes to black screen and won't come on - HTC DNA


My phone will go to a blank black screen like when it idle, but sometime it will not come back on. When that happens, I have to give it a jump from some sort of charger and restart the phone to get it to come back up. I have not found a consistent variable that causes this, one minute i could be on the phone talking and then it goes black while I am still on the conversation and the next would be me texting and it happens. Also, when it happens my computer sometime doesn't recognize the device so i can't charge it via a USB port either. Below is a list of troubleshooting steps I have taken:

  • I factory defaulted the phone thinking it could be happening because of a corrupt update / file.
  • Updated my phone with the latest firmware, that's normally the answer support give me to do. So I figured I would beat them to the punch.
  • Replaced the battery. Since I had to give it a jump every time it got stuck, figure it may be a failing battery.
  • Tried different charger and USB cable. I'm grasping at straws...

I'm not a cell phone guru so any help would be appreciated!

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