RAZR M soak test


I try to test a new firmware for my RAZR M...

It's a great firmware, but where:
- music control (+/- vol keys for ff/rw)

- editing of kk notifications screen

This functions make a comfortable interface. I don't need a device without it.

If I don't have a comfort, i try to repair a 98.30.1 firmware with RSD.

OMG, bootloader of my device is locked & I have bricked device.

Ok. I take a OTA files & flash it with fastboot,.. & what I see:

gpt_main0.bin - FAILED (remote failure)

tz.mbn - Preflash validation failed - FAILED (remote failure)

boot.img - Preflash validation failed - FAILED (remote failure)

system.img - Preflash validation failed - FAILED (remote failure)

NON_HLOS are not exist in OTA

In this case:

WiFi isn't work, Settings/"Security & Screen Lock" make a Settings error.
How to use my device now?

Yes, I need a RSD-like firmware to reflash my device. But.. where I can find it?

Moto support -> Me to -> Verizon Support.

Hey, support, can you help me?

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