Question about upgrading


I've searched on the forums to find an answer before I posted, but none had any answers to others who had the same question.


I have 2 plans on my account.  1 plan is a family plan with 3 phones that are all eligible for an upgrade.  Then I have a sepearate plan which I use for myself and recently just used my upgrade discount for that. 


I would like to get the Droid upgraded onto the main line on the family plan.  Then switch it over to my phone.  I know that you are able to activate it on the line you upgraded it with then switch it to whatever line you want.


However, with the Droid you need a data package, which now puts $29.99 extra onto my family plan.  I'm not sure with Verizon's new policy, if I were to swith phones and cancel the data package on the family line plan, would I be charged a termination fee? Being that i'm changing my contract?


The disclaimer in the the agreement when I go to checkout states:


"YOUR PLAN BECOMES PART OF THIS AGREEMENT. Your Plan includes your monthly service allowances and features, the coverage areas in which those allowances and features may be used, and the recurring access and pay–per–use charges associated with those allowances and features."


So, would I have an issue with switching back to my regular family plan and taking off the data package on that plan?


Any help would be appreciative,



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