Poor service - third phone


I am on my third Verizon phone since signing up. I now have a Samsung Galaxy Note II.

And, I am pissed off.

I live in an area four miles from town where (according to your coverage map) I should get good service.

Well, I don't.

I turn my head and the phone drops the call. And the texts either won't go through, or they take forever to send.

Sometimes, two texts arrive at the other end when I've only sent one.

My ability to surf on the Internet is sporadic at best. I keep getting "Network Not Found" messages.

The data plan increases you advertise are of little use when the basic service is flawed.

All the Verizon ads I see are totally meaningless to me... it's false advertising, pure and simple.

I even lose signals when driving through our little town (no tall buildings or heavy trees near the street).

What good is a phone which doesn't work? Maybe use it for a doorstop?

Or better yet, what good is a network that won't handle the calls and data?

I will be glad when I sell my house and move... maybe I can get better service elsewhere.

Thinking about a ham radio now...


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Re: Poor service - third phone

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to hear of your extended phone issues, Starliner. What ZIP Code do you have problems in? Do others experience issues, or just you in the area? How long have you had this phone?


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