Phone Software Issue - Samsung S3


This issue has now persisted for about two weeks, maybe a little longer. Coincides with the 4.4.2 update.

Only two new programs installed were the 4.4.2 update and Spotify. Some Apps were updated that could have theoretically caused this, but there are no non-mainstream apps on my phone.

The primary issue is the phone spontaneously shuts off.  This in the past has only taken place when an app has been open and in use. However, this morning it occurred once during start-up and once when no apps were on.

After a spontaneous shutdown, regardless of battery level prior to the shutdown, upon turning the phone on, the battery will read dramatically lower, or empty. 

I have already done a factory reset, and I have run the phone in safe mode.  Reset changed nothing, safe mode just confirmed that the battery life is generically bad, but since i barely used the phone in safe mode, its hard to say whether or not anything changed.  Phone is fine when idling. This problem only appears when phone is actually being used. (perhaps a problem with the memory?)

A timeline of events this morning, this was typical both before and after a factory reset:

Phone is working normally.

After about an hour, start playing candy crush while commuting. Battery at 85%. After a few minutes, spontaneous shutoff.

Take out battery, put it back in, turn phone on.

Phone comes back on at 49% battery life.  Open Candy Crush again, phone shuts down after about a minute of playing.

Take out battery put it back in turn phone on.

Phone shuts down in middle of boot phase.

Take out battery, put it back in, turn phone on.

Phone comes on at 20% battery. While looking at the home screen, scrolling around. Phone shuts off. Phone had been on for only about 20 seconds, no apps opened.

Turn phone on again, shuts down in boot phase. Give up.

When I got to work, I plugged it into the charger, and battery icon came up at 70%. 

What on earth is going on? Is there anything Verizon can do about this? Is there a fix or can I bring this into a store and get a replacement?

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