Phantom typing and opening of apps


My phone is pressing its own touchscreen somehow. It opens apps and starts typing if I let it. It's especially a problem in a specific area on the phone - where the 'm' is in portrait mode, but that is not the only place. It will sometimes open up the page with all the latest apps and then get rid of recent apps. There are other things, but they all are of this nature.

Additionally, I cannot type the letter "i" if the phone is in portrait mode. If I try to use swype near the "i" it breaks up the word into something else.

I've tried turning it off and on several times.

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Re: Phantom typing and opening of apps

Community Manager
Community Manager

Seems like we need to get your phone in order,Einsteinium. We appreciate you and your business in order for us to properly troubleshoot can you please provide the make and model device you have? Did anything change on the phone when you started noticing this happening, any new updates or software?

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