Pantech will not boot up


Yesterday, the battery in my phone died.  After it had been shut down for a little while, I charged it back up leaving it off.  When I attempted to turn the phone on, all that happened was the first screen comes up with the "Pantech" name and it appears to be frozen.  It will stay that way until I pull the battery.  During this time, the battery will drain.  I reseated both the SIM and data card, as well as the battery, several times, both plugged into a charger and not, with no effect.  When the phone is off and charging, the charging screen will come on showing the charge level.  I did look up how to do a hard reboot and the menu screen DOES appear; however, I am skeptical as to what options to select because I do not want to erase any data.  I have no problem losing any of the apps, but I need to keep my call log, txt msgs, contacts, and photos.

The phone is about 4 years old, so it has definitely been useful, but I have had other failures such as the ringer will not work, nor the speaker phone, and sometimes the phone will shut off and on by itself while being used, even though there is significant power remaining.  The battery itself has not been lasting near as long either.  Time for an upgrade to be sure, but I need to retain all my data.

Any suggestions?

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