PUK code needed ASAP for Incredible 2


I need the PUK code for my Incredible 2 ASAP.  I only have 4 attempts left.  I have followed all the instructions in other posts but in my phone details there is no link or option to UNLOCK SIM.  It only gives me the options to view upgrade status or view user guide.  But there is NO section on unlocking sim in the user guide.  HELP!  What do I do now that I have no phone to call customer service?  And I need my phone for work tomorrow....

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Re: PUK code needed ASAP for Incredible 2


Are you using the phone in the US? If yes, just remove the SIM card and power up the phone. SIM is not needed for operation in the US.

If you are planning on international use, just get another SIM from a store or the global services can mail you one. They are free.


Re: PUK code needed ASAP for Incredible 2

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Jewlz0001!

I sure hope you are up and running by now as staying connected is so important! I will be more than happy to provide some additional information just in case this ever happens again!

When you have a 3G phone that is Global capable we would actually have to generate the PUK code through our system, so we would have to communicate with you!

As Fergieg mentioned in a crunch you can temporarily remove your sim card as long as you're in the US so you can contact us to get the code!


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