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PSA Android 5.1 has Verizon's bloat on it INCLUDING FOR NEXUS 6...Why??


Basically Android 5.1 Factory images have Verizon's bloat on it (Verizon backup app) that CANNOT be disabled or uninstalled.

Why would this be needed since prior to 5.1 people have been able to use the N6 on Verizon and didn't have to have the bloat on it?

And for those who are going to say "is it really that big a deal" or "it's just 1 app" or "but this way you get verizon backup" the main reason for many people in purchasing the Nexus 6 was that it is just that, it's Nexus, it's vanilla, it's pure Android as Google had it. Why do we need bloat to mess with that?

If it is for users of Verizon's backup then it can be installed later on not needing to be built in especially as this will effect not only Verizon customers but people on other carriers too (it's built into Android 5.1 so it's there regardless of carrier).

If any rep can answer for me why it's needed all of a sudden for 5.1 whereas it wasn't for 5.0 or prior I'm more than willing to hear you out.

If any user wants to discuss, please do feel free.

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