Re: Not able to Download Apps anymore.....

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chicagoastro wrote:

Hey...I'm back in business!


I had to call Verizon support and I got a very nice Rep in Boise Idaho.


We went thru some procedures, (Battery removal, phone update/phone activation), and none worked.


She said then to re-set the phone, but back up my stuff.  I did and we re-set the phone back to factory defaults.


And after close to an hour on the land line phone....we got it back to accepting downloads.


So the solution here in this case - was to reset the phone back to factory specs.


(I did lose all my apps, but ok...easy enough to download them all again and on a fresh phone now.


Thank you to those who offered solutions to my problem.


Astro Joe

All ends well then!  I thought apps were stored on a google account though so you wouldn't have to re-download each app?



Re: Not able to Download Apps anymore.....


I don't know where they are stored, but it was felt that one of the apps was the cause of the problem.


All is well for now.