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I am a non-tech person so please forgive my ignorance.

I recently purchased a droid and have a basic question about email connecting.

At work we have a MS exchange server and we use outlook for our mail. My question is, can I get my calendar from outlook onto my droid phone?

If so, what steps do I need to take. If I set up my email on the phone, will that pull all my outlook info (calendar, contacts etc) into the droid?


Thanks in advance

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I think this thread might be helpful for you. 


Copied from that thread:

johnM356 wrote:

You can also sync from Outlook on your PC to your Droid.


One way:

Google Calendar Sync


and another (I use this one since it will also sync Contacts, Tasks & Notes from Outlook)



(Both of these methods sync Outlook to your Google Calendar, which is then pushed to your phone.)


If all you need to sync is your calendar, use method #1 since it's easier & free...

Either method works quite well...

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