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I just got my Ally yesterday; and even this gadget nerd is having problems. First of all, how do I get the phone to accept voice commands for text messages? I saw someone do it, but can't remember where or how they did it. Secondly, I have downloaded pictures that are made for this screen resolution (or close to it); but when I try to set them up as a wallpaper, it makes me crop them and they look horrible as a finished product. Is there a way to set them without having to crop them? I can't find anything on that, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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I tried to do that too, and it wouldn't let me do anything but crop the picture.


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When sending a message using the virtual keyboard on the phone, you will see a microphone that is tilted, press that microphone and then you would be prompted to speak. You would speak the message you want to send, then the message would be shown in the message field after you are done.  Then you can review the message and then send it.




To change the Home screen wallpaper

1. From the Home screen, press the Menu Key and touch

You can also touch and hold an empty spot on the Home
screen, then touch Wallpapers in the menu that opens.

2. Touch Gallery.  Touch Gallery to use a picture on your phone as a
wallpaper. You can crop the picture before setting it as a

3. Touch Set wallpaper or Save.

The default Gallery will only allow  to crop the image.  


Voice ActivatedDialing

From the main screen, touch menu tab
Touch Settings
Touch Voice Dialer