Myspace app & saving pix??

While using preloaded Myspace app I came accross a pic I wanted to add to a contact...Like most pix, you can usually long press the pic or next to the pic and select save to SD. Although the Myspace app only displays the name of the pic. Used options and found that pic can be saved as wallpaper, but I wasnt looking forawrd to seeing his face as my background...I can find no option to save to internal or external memory. It can still be accessed in html by viewing full site, but would be much easier to just add from myspace app itself, my other friend has some t-mobile android phone that also has Myspace app, His android is old and has android 1.6 I believe and is able to save pix directly from app. --- Am I missing something or am I stuck having to open full site and save pic from there??? ---
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Re: Myspace app & saving pix??


Unfortunately this is gonna be something between the developer of the application and the phone itself. You may need to contact the developer via email to see if there is any option around this. The email should be listed at the bottom of the application when viewing it.