My phone has completely gone awal.


Yesterday I shut off my phone to avoid a phone call, and when I turned it back on it wasn't recognizing the SD card as there, which happens every time it turns off, so I opened up the back of the phone and took the SD card out and put it back in. This usually solves everything, but it still wasn't working, and on top of that it would no longer let me see my picture gallery and snapchat stopped working. Now today, my texts aren't working. I cannot send or receive texts, it connects to wireless but doesn't work, and customer support can't help because the account is under my dad's name and he lives in California and is currently at work. My work schedule is saved in my pictures, and I need my phone for the rescue I help to run. Please help!!!

Any advice is much appreciated.

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Re: My phone has completely gone awal.

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What phone do you have?  If it is a 3G, older phone, then try dialing *228 option 1 to reset the network connection - it will restart and may help the situation.  If you have a 4G phone with a SIM card (not your SD memory card) you can try removing and then reinserting the SIM - that also resets/reconnects to the network and helps resolve issues.

If you have an Android,, you can try a system cache clear.  It won't erase any of your data or settings, but gives the phone's internal caches a clean slate and resolves a multitude of issues.  Here's how to do a cache clear:

Power down phone

Hold volume up/down & power simultaneously until you see the Boot Mode Selection Menu

Use volume down to navigate to 'Recovery', use volume up to select

Should see screen with triangle and exclamation point next to an Android

Press volume up/down simultaneously to go into system recovery

Use volume rocker to navigate to 'wipe cache' and use power button to select

Once finished, use volume rocker to navigate to 'reboot system now' and use power button to select

Finally, how old is the phone?