My Note 4 has multiple issues since I upgraded to Lollipop.


My navigation is totally messed up( 3.5 hours heading the wrong direction to travel a 25 mile distance).  My voice dictation is dead.  I only receive about 1/2 of the calls to my phone. The phone freezes randomly and occasion it will completely die. From what I have read, people who have upgraded to unmodified Lollipop do not have any issues. Your patches seem to make no difference or make it worse.  When is Verizon going to either fix the issues or go to an unmodified version of Lollipop or allow a downgrade to KitKat,

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Re: My Note 4 has multiple issues since I upgraded to Lollipop.

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Community Manager

Those are all odd and strange issues to have occur with your Note 4, jasluc. Definitely not normal, and would frustrate me just as much.

How long ago did you complete the update to Lollipop? Have you performed a Wipe Cache Partition to clear out any incompatibilities carried over from remaining data belonging to the prior update?


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