My Droid 4 won't turn fully on


I've had my phone for about 2 years and never had any major problems with it, but about a month ago it quit letting me use Facebook, messenger, Google search or browser. Whenever I clicked on them it would turn to a gray screen for a few seconds and then go right back to the home screen.

Two days ago I had my phone fully charged when I went to work. I didn't use it for anything and an hour later it was dead. I charged it and I turned it on and it turned on completely for a moment and then turned off. When I tried next it when to the second loading screen after it says 'droid' and never got past that part. 5 hours later when it died it was still on that screen. Every time I have charged my phone and tried to turn it on the same thing happens.

Has anyone had this problem and is there any fix for it? I really enjoy my phone and don't really want to get a new one unless I have to.

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Re: My Droid 4 won't turn fully on

Customer Support

Oh goodness, dearxhonesty! I can just imagine why this has you concerned about the phone. This has never happened to me before. Question, does the phone charge normally? Does it get a complete charge.
Can you please test the phone in Safe Mode  to see if it does the same thing?
Is there any damage to the Droid 4?

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