Moving my picture & videos from my old phone


Im trying to move my pics and videos from my old LG Dare to my new LG Ally.  I've tried reading the card on my PC, I've tried pluggin the phone into the pc.  Either way, the card can't be read.  The PC shows that the phone is there but when I click on the folder for the phone,, I'm told to insert a disk.....


It's got to be simple and I don't know what I'm missing... 





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Re: Moving my picture & videos from my old phone

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do you have an sd card in the old phone AND is that where all of the pics were saved to? if not, you will have problems. if so, then you just need to take the sd card out of the old one and put it in the new one. i'm not trying to be rude or anything....but i know people that either never put an sd card in their phone, or put it in but never set the phone to save everything to the card....so all of their info was on the phone's memory, which (depending on the phone) can be VERY difficult to access.