Moto X vs Droid Turbo - Your opinion


In your opinion (no right or wrong answer) which phone would you choose out of the Moto X (2014) and the Droid Turbo? Are you choosing between them also?

My leaning points on each:

Moto X: I really like the way it looks. It is very clean looking in plain colors.

Droid Turbo: I really like the specs and giant battery.

My worst case concerns about each:

Moto X: Not top of the line specs and may not have spec staying power in the near future. Would hate to have underpowered phone only 6 months old.

Droid Turbo: Seems like it is a gimmick phone. In a couple of months I don't want to have a raggedy funked up looking nylon phone with pocket lint stuck in the back of it. Also, don't want some old style, out of date looking capacitive buttons when Lollipop is released.

Which would/are you choosing?

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Re: Moto X vs Droid Turbo - Your opinion


Droid Turbo: Pros, dat battery. Cons, capacitive buttons (not screen buttons. Possibly longer wait for OS updates.

Moto X 2014. I don't think it would be underpowered in 6 months. Sure there will be newer technology, but it could easily be paired with heavy customized Android *cough* Samsung *cough*.

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