Moto X rear/main camera not available


A few weeks ago, I noticed that when I go into the Camera app, the app launches in selfie mode (that is, front facing camera on) and that the icon to switch between rear and front camera is missing. The change was associated with no updates or installs that I can think of. And rebooting the phone has done nothing to change the behavior.

A quick search shows that this is a problem with Moto X phones. I've uninstalled several apps and cleared the data cache, with no change. I also noted that my Torch flashlight app was no longer working properly (the LED wouldn't shine when commanded), so I uninstalled that app in the hopes it might clear a conflict. No change.

I've read numerous accounts of people struggling with this problem, and have not seen one positive outcome that didn't involve having the phone replaced outright. Attempts to boot in Safe Mode and to execute factory resets have all failed to have an impact. Once the camera goes bad, it seems to stay that way. I'd hate to have to replace this phone. Has anyone faced this camera problem with Moto X phones? And if so, how did you resolve it?

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Re: Moto X rear/main camera not available

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desmondvt, we don't want you to face this camera issue alone. Is there any physical or liquid damage on your device? Have you had this device for less than a year or subscribe to Total Equipment Coverage? http://vz.to/Prh6pa

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