Microsoft Exchange - HTC Droid


Surely someone else has encountered this issue....


Cannot reply to e-mail messages with HTC droid using Microsoft Exchange e-mail.


Receives e-mail messages OK, and will generate new e-mail message - but, does not work when replying to e-mail messages.


Thank you in advance for any suggestions. 


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Re: Microsoft Exchange - HTC Droid


I use Microsoft Exchange at work and after working with personnel from my IT department, I was able to successfully receive/send email from my HTC Eris.  I can reply to emails received as well as forward.  I had to enter the settings manually when I set up the mail account, and IT had to provide me with the correct doman and server names (what I initially used were incorrect, resulting in problems).


I hope that helps - it does work, and I'm using a government access only, secured server using exchange.