Many Frustrations with Eris...any help?


I got the Eris April 12th and have been much less than pleased with it....starting from when I bought it...the sales person completely pushed it on me (which i guess is my fault for not pushing him off but he would not leave me alone to play with the different phones), then he went in the back and set up my gmail account for me with an email address I didnt want, installed apps, put the little clear covers on that i had to pay for and it had bubbles (grr!)


anyway i have been trying to give it a chance over the 30 days...paying a $35 restocking fee when the phone was $30 seems absurd to me but i am not happy at all. maybe i can get some insight into solving some of my issues because maybe i just cant figure them out?


I would like to think the update will fix many issues but i only have a few days till its over the 30 days and  I cant decide if i need to just go get the storm 2 (i loved my original storm). i do really like all the app options they are great and fun etc but there are fundamental drawbacks i am trying to get over


1. really hard to connect to wi-fi and its slow...pretty much pointless 3g works faster

2. alarm options suck...cant just turn alarm sound on at bed, cant use music, etc. 

3. NO YAHOO (i know this is supposed to come with the update...but when is that actually going to happen??)

4. lags/freezes even tho i have ATK and use it often

5. cannot connect to htc snyc. the program is installed and i plug the phone in and try and connect but the phone cant find the program on my computer and the computer program cant find the phone (windows 7). htc's website doesnt even list the eris for support to maybe redownload or update drivers. 

6. youtube doesnt all....very annoying. 



any one with any advice/tips would be helpful....

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Re: Many Frustrations with Eris...any help?


1. Return it? Mine works fine...

2. better alarm (app)

3. soon

4. update should improve this

5. dont have windows no help there

6. use youtube web site until update


if none of these are satisfactory then return it while you still can and get the incredible, which from what I can tell has its own set up issues, but at least Verizon is rushing to fix them.


Re: Many Frustrations with Eris...any help?


As to the HTC Sync, there is a US page of that you have to go to...for the sync, uninstall the version you installed then go to and you can download it there...when you connect to USB you will get a notification on your phone, click on that and select Mount SD for the computer to recognize it and be able to sync your contacts and calendar from outlook.  On that same page is a full documented user manual that may help with some of the other issues you were talking about....hope you find what you are looking for there....I love my Droid Eris, I have updated to the leaked 2.1v3 ROM and see a lot of whenever the official OTA update comes out I think many there are going to be very pleased with the for Yahoo...i can't answer that because i just recently gave up my account there because after years of mainly using it for Fantasy sports...the inbox became a breeding ground of offers for Enlarged Breasts, Penises and can't help there sorry....