Lost photos -- internal memory -- droid 3

Hi everyone --

I had taken my Christmas season photos with my phone, a Droid 3, and saved to internal memory. I had a live wallpaper on at the time and I think (in retrospect) it overloaded the system. When I took the photos, they seemed fine. But when I went to access them in the gallery, it said there was none. I rebooted my phone several times, tried opening in QuickPic and Gallery, cleared thumbs to auto-regenerate, tried moving the photo folder contents to my pc, tried Recuva: nada. I haven’t taken any subsequent photos. I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!

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Re: Lost photos -- internal memory -- droid 3

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Minecaricature, I know how important a cellphone camera can be in saving memories! Do you have an SD card in your phone? Did you change the camera setting to save to the internal memory? Take a new picture to see if that shows in your Gallery. Open your applications and go to Files. Look under the Picture and Media folders there to see if the pics are saved. If the pictures aren't showing, unfortunately it appears they weren't saved and there isn't a way to get them back in the phone. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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