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Losing Ringback Tones

I thought when you buy a ringback tone you get to keep it for a year. Well I am constantly losing my ringback tone on my phone. I brought the tone maybe 3 months ago and I have lost it twice since I brought it. Can someone please tell me what is going on? Today alone I have logged into my media and it will not even let me see the default that should be to the right of the screen. Help Please! If I go in and buy the ringback tone again I will get it, but I don't think I should have to rebuy and my year is not up yet.

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Re: Losing Ringback Tones
Customer Support

Ho jolie50 - Let's get your callers rocking again! When you are forced to repurchase the tone is it the exact same song each time or do you have to choose another tone? Do you have multiple lines on your account using Ringback Tones? I will look forward to your reply!

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