Lollipop issues


I updated to Lollipop on March 5. Hated it. My battery life was awful, phone was slow, contacts kept crashing, and my apps kept freezing. A couple weeks later, I  decided to do a factory reset since I read that it could fix many of these issues. It did. But now, I keep getting notifications of new updates. When I try to do them, it either does nothing or, other times, it downloads and seems to be installing then my phone resets and it takes me to the android recovery console and wont exit. I have to take my battery out to get my phone back to normal. Then I get a message to that the update has failed. Later, or the next day, I get another notification of the update.

So, what is happening and why can't I get this update on my phone? Is it because I factory reset? Is there something I'm supposed to do with the recovery console? Help!

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Re: Lollipop issues

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What phone do you have?  Please go into your settings and tell us what the latest version number is of the operating system.