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Linking Microsoft with Eris?


I was showing off my new Eris to my dad the other day and he hit me with a good question.


Is the Droid capable of linking up with Microsoft Office programs? Reason he needs this is because he has his work schedule designed in Excel I think and he would like to be able to access that from his phone if he were to get a Droid as well.


Anybody that could answer would be a great help.


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Re: Linking Microsoft with Eris?

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Yes, the HTC sync program will sync your calendar from Outlook to the Eris.  If he actually has it in an excel format, he has a couple of options.  One, he can move it to the phone, and there are several programs that can open the excel spreadsheet.  He can also import calendar entries into Gmail, which would direclty link to his Android, allowing 2-way updates. (That woud be *my* preferred method - dump the outlook calendar and use gmail's calendar and contacts after exporting/importing from outlook - The Google integration on Android is beyond excellent and with gmail he can even check his home email account easily from the phone, or anywhere he has internet access and a web browser.)