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Last update ruined my phone

I don't know what the last update was for Droid Motorola M was but it completely ruined my phone. It was an update that wasn't needed or wanted. I could care less about longer battery life(which seems the same btw). There was also added apps I don't need that were installed. My Bluetooth doesn't work at all and wont pair with my car. When trying to pair the Bluetooth it doesn't even pick up anything(I've read that some people have to repair each time but it wont even let me do that). And the gallery is no longer available, I don't like using the Photos option. All the displays seem to revert their colors. It also wont let me post/send pictures over social networks, keeps saying not enough memory. No apps are really running and I have more than enough storage. With this update and getting screwed over with VZ navigator constantly not working I'm considering going to another provider.

Anyone know of a phone like droid that lets you put apps on external sd card, or a way to revert to a previous version of my operating system for my phone. I just want it back the way it was.

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