LG Spectrum 2 micro sd questions


How do I access the memory on this card when it is installed in the phone? I don't mean checking it's remaining capacity. I mean how do I see its content and bring them up on the phone. For example, I just transferred my photos onto the card, but I can only look at them one at a time by using Sandisk Memory Zone app. Can't I use the Camera app to view photos on memory card? Many thanks for your help.

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Re: LG Spectrum 2 micro sd questions

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Your photos are accessible through the Gallery (picture folder) you can hook you phone up to your computer via the usb cable. make sure you choose usb mass storage setting to access the sd card. Once plugged into the computer it will appear as a new drive letter. You simply click the dcim folder on the sd and you can view, edit or delete them as you like.

There is an app on the Google Play Store called Astro File Manager Browser. once installed you can also move photos from internal storage to external sd card.

At the play store there are other photo viewers bith free and paid. Many work better than the stock app that came with your phone.

Good Luck