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LG Lucid problems, please help!!


I updated to the newest software for my LG Lucid back in January, and a lot of the features have been messed up ever since. My weather widget does not update to my current location anymore. My facebook account no longer connects to my contacts, and when I try to sync them it keeps saying to try again later. However, it's been saying this since January, so I've given up. I also don't get social media popup notifications anymore. I was just wondering if anyone had the answer to all these problems, haha. Thanks in advance!

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Re: LG Lucid problems, please help!!

Customer Support

I can further assist ayoung5994! Have you checked to ensure the appropriate location is selected in the weather widget? Is the appropriate time zone selected in the time settings of the phone ? Are you attempting to sync the Facebook contacts from the Facebook settings in the application or web? If so, and unsuccessful try completely removing/adding the Facebook account and test. Also ensure the notifications of the social media applications are set. For example: If you are using the Facebook application you would launch the application>press menu>settings>ensure notifications are active with a check and choose an alert here (FYI the sync contacts option is below as well) Please share. Thank you.

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