LG Lucid II Stuck In A Restart Loop


My LG Lucid II froze Sunday night and needed to be restarted. After it restarted, its been in a constant restart loop. It constantly restarts after the Verizon Logo and does nothing. I tried a Safe Boot and it didn't work. Also tried doing a Factory Reset and that didn't work either. I believe the app Cortana for Android by Microsoft is the problem. I downloaded Cortana Friday night. Accessed it Saturday night before charging my phone for the night and going to sleep. Sunday morning my phone's battery life after unplugging it started draining qucikly and the phone said the culprit was Cortana. I was only able to charge it and not get to removing Cortana. By 6:30PM the phone froze and I didn't notice it did till 9:30PM when I restarted it and this Rebooting Loop started. How do I get out of this loop?

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