LG Lucid: Can't Detect Bluetooth Since Update (Nov 2012)


We updated our two LG Lucid phones a few days ago and suddenly everything was screwed... At first, the update caused both phones to just stop functioning at all... The one phone refused to reboot and the other was just unable to do ANYTHING without an error message.

I wiped the phones (after backing up my contacts) and reset to factory defaults, (Which caused them both to be unable to reload our contact lists) and that allowed them to function as phones but now they cannot detect bluetooth devices.

We have these phones to run a trucking company... It is against the law for a truck driver to use a telephone without a handsfree headset and if he is seen using a phone in the truck, the total for all the fees and fines comes to almost $16,000.00 (SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS) between the fees and fines to the driver and the fees and fines to the company, and since we are both, it means it all comes to ME.

If an emergency happens and he is forced to use his phone without the headset, who should I send the bill to; LG or Verizon?

We've been to THREE STORES and they've been unable to do anything but wipe the phones again and hope for the best.


I'm learning to deal with the problems in functionality and touch sensitivity that seem to be the result of this latest round of updates, but this Bluetooth situations is unacceptable.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

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