LG Lucid - Alarm clock not going off


I've had an LG Lucid for a few months now, updated to ICS with good results, and this problem has only appeared in the past two days.

The alarm clock does not go off. I've checked the obvious things - making sure it wasn't on silent, checking the battery level, checking to see if it was set for PM instead of AM, changing the alarm tone, adding the vibrate function - but it looks like it should work properly. I've tested it a few times, and whenever the alarm is set to go off, it automatically sets itself to snooze without making any sound. When it is set to go off again after the snooze period has passed, the screen gives a quick flash and sets itself to snooze again, with no sound.

I can't find anything in the app menu regarding this issue. Any ideas?

(Bonus question - is there any way to set different tones for the alarm besides the presets? It would be nice to wake up to some music once in a while.)

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Re: LG Lucid - Alarm clock not going off

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, sparkysparks! We certainly don't want you oversleeping as a result of your Lucid's behavior so let's see what we can do to help. You've done some great troubleshooting. Just what I would have recommended. I've also reviewed this matter with the device and can't duplicate it. I do recommend a couple of things:

1. Review the snooze duration. You can set it to snooze up to an hour but I recommend setting it as low as possible (5 minutes) while reviewing this matter.
2. Disable Puzzle Lock. If you have a pattern or puzzle lock on your display, please disable it to see if that does the trick.
3. Run the test again, in Safe Mode. http://support.verizonwireless.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=56059

Let me know if any of these steps help make the device perform correctly.

Dion M.
VZW Support
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