Re: LG G2 Lollipop issues - Slow

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I had 4-5 refurbs.  Shouldn't be an issue.


Re: LG G2 Lollipop issues - Slow

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Wow. That's bad luck. Tell me they were all refurbished except the first...

I've had one LG G2 I purchased in November of 2013. It has been absolutely ROCK solid.

And yes, before I took the OTA, I did an FDR. I have had none of the problems others are having.

There is no possible way Google, nor the manufacturer, nor VZW can anticipate nor test for all possible user configurations... Android is not iOS. Smiley Happy

You might consider that a positive, or a negative, depending upon your experience with smart phones, technical background. proficiency supporting yourself, years on Android, etc, etc, etc.