LG Ally won't recognize SD card...


Why won't my Ally recognize my SD card? If I put the SD card in a card reader, it shows all of the contents of my phone but when I put it back into my phone, go to Applications, click on manage applications, click SD Card it is blank. I tried leaving the card in and pulling the phone battery but still nothing shows up. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Smiley Happy

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Re: LG Ally won't recognize SD card...

Sounds like there might be a corrupt file on your SD card.

Since you can read the card in a card reader, I would suggest copying the entire contents to a folder on your computer. Format the card. When that is finished copy back the contents to the SD card going one folder at a time. This way you might discover which folder had the corrupt file in it.

When that is completed, put the SD card back in the phone and see if it is readable by the phone.

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