LG Ally text message and gps problems


hello. ive been with verizon for about 10 years maybe. ive been overall happy with the service and customer service. but the prices should be alot lower.lol. i started out with the motorolas then switched to the lg phones. only problem with the motorola was the speakers. not loud enough. could never hear the phone ring. the lgs usually suffer from the same problem.


i had a few phone problems but nothing like this lg ally. im on my second one and about to be my 3rd one in about 3 months. 1st phone i had every problem under the sun. this phone i am suffering from text message problems and gps problems. i suffer from what everyone else has problems with. the messages wont send. they will eventually lock up. it will show the envelope with the red explanation point ( i think thats the graphic). then usually everytime when i sent a text the texts will close. it will send then bounce back and show up as a draft and i have to resend it and wait for it to go thru. finally the last problem with the texts. when i send a text a phone number from my contacts shows up and freezes on the screen. its in white text with a black background. its the same number every time. it stays on the screen until i restart or pull my battery out.


gps. when i open up google gps that comes with the phone i make sure the gps is on... when the directions are found and the map pops up 9 out of 10 times it just keeps saying searching for gps. the turn by turn never is found. the 1 time it does it takes a good 10 minutes to be found. atleast on my first one ally the gps did work 8 out of 10 times. it just took a good 5-10 minutes for gps to be found and show turn by turn.


anyone else have these problems? where you able to fix them or did you need to get a new phone? the 2.1 update was supposed to fix problems. i think they just made it worse. the ally is supposed to have 2.2 froyo. where is it. is it ever going to get it. i got this phone because i like the lgs and the keyboard. also the sales representative on the phone was giving the lg ally rave reviews. why couldnt he say dont buy this go with a motorola droid. this phone is the biggest junk ever made

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Re: LG Ally text message and gps problems


Your LG Ally is the biggest piece of junk ever made. Mine works like a champ! Now the Motorola DEVOUR...THAT is a piece of junk.


Re: LG Ally text message and gps problems


I do apologize you are having trouble with your device I looked in our information system on the LG Ally in reguards to issues you are having it states if you have the Free Droid Security anti virus protection application down loaded it will cause the phone to lock up or freeze. Check and make sure you do not have the application on your device. Check you GPS settings and make sure correct. Go to Settings; Location & Security; make sure GPS is on wireless network. If this does not fix issue you can try doing a Master Reset on your device. Make sure your contacts are saved in your G-mail account or through Back Up Assistance.

Master Reset/Soft Reset:

Factory Reset option 1
From the main screen, touch menu tab
Touch Settings
Touch Privacy
Touch Factory Data reset
Touch Reset Phone
Warning: This will erase all data from your phone, including:

  • Your Google account
  • System and application data and settings
  • Downloaded Applications

It will not erase: Current System software and bundled applications; SD Card files, such as music or Photos

Factory Reset option 2  - Warning this will reset device back to original factory settings.

  1. Turn off the phone
  2. Press and hold "home" + "end" + "volume up or down" keys together for a few seconds when the device is power off
  3. Once device displays boot information, release keys.

Soft Reset
Press the Power key.
Touch Power off.
Touch OK.
Press the Power key to power on the device.


Remove battery cover, remove battery and reinstall.

Also there is a new update for LG Ally it will be the Froyo 2.2 but there is not release date available at this time it will post on your device when available. Hope this Helps. Leslie