LG Ally- Red blinking light of doom


I just got my Ally a week ago. Tonight, as I am at work, I have had it connected to my CPU with the USB cable that came along with the phone. I've noticed that if you do not have the phone charging via wall outlet, it won't charge as quickly. That's fine by me, I'm here for 8 hours a day.

Now we've run into an issue. While chatting on eBuddy, the Ally powers down, and I have a red blinking notification light. I check the connections with the USB cable, and it's plugged in properly. I attempted to switch USB ports. No luck. I took the cover off the back of the phone, took the battery out (which took a while) and placed the battery back in. I was hoping that would resolve my issue. Unfortunately, this isn't the case.

The Ally is still plugged into the CPU, and it intermittenly restarts-stays on for about 5 seconds with a 0% battery level- then shuts back off.

I'm unsure if this is a known battery issue, or if this is simply an issue where I shouldn't be using my CPU to charge my battery. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: LG Ally- Red blinking light of doom


It is perfectly fine to charge your device like this. However there may be a software problem with your device. I would recommend a hard reset to try and resolve this problem. After you do this it should work perfect for you. Hope this helps.