Kit-Kat update-Samsung 3


After y July 2nd phone update, my Samsung 3 was rendered virtually useless--bricking, freezing, unstable internet connection, dropped calls--you name it. Calling tech support led to a wide variety of responses. One agent seemed utterly mystified by my issues ("Gosh, how weird!") and another told me fully 20% of Galaxies were adversely effected by this update. Which is it? One phone rep told me they would call me back on a landline in 5 minutes and I never heard from back. Happily, one rep and a manger at the store was helpful. The others I was passed around to on my second visit with my new were disdainful ("Wow! I haven't seen one of THESE in forever!") or tried to sell me upgrades and products I was in no mood whatsoever to buy. I am admittedly not as tech-savvy as I wish I was and did not know the vernacular to ask for assistance in making sure ALL my data and info was backed-up so it could be transferred to the new device (which Verizon over-nighted and Fed Ex lost). As a result, I am missing calendar info and a wide variety of downloads that I have found out after the fact could have easily been restored if some simple questions would have been asked of me when the phone was activated. Verizon, please don't assume everyone knows what you know and please have the courtesy to tell customers when an update is clearly having widespread issues. I hope I am less angry and upset by the time my contract is up, Otherwise, after nearly 20 years, I am moving on to another carrier.

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