Kit Kat 4.4 SD Card Restrictions


Who is behind the SD Card limitations imposed by Android Kit Kat 4.4? They are certainly NOT for security as Google pretends. If this is a desired behavior for security, why does it only apply to external storage and not to internal storage? I think the phone manufacturers ALL want to be able to charge $100 for 16GB the way Apple, Amazon and Google do on their phones and tablets, but don't want to remove a feature they've had for a long time. Solution: let the OS be the fall guy. If the operating system removes all the functionality of external storage, consumers will reluctantly pay for more internal memory at grossly inflated prices. Starting with Kit Kat, Android applications cannot collaborate on files stored externally. Sure, you can use LocalCast to stream files on your INTERNAL storage, but not on your SD Card. Shame on you Google.

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