Issues after update?


Does anyone else seem to be having problems after the latest update on Samsung Galaxy SIII?  My phone now will got to the lock screen in the middle of being on an app. An app will now freeze when I'm in it. I'll be typing a text and it will freeze and then go to the lock screen. The lock screen will freeze and i have to "wake up" my phone in order to enter my code.

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Re: Issues after update?

Community Manager
Community Manager

WindsorPhynix, we don't want this to be an ongoing issue for you. Have you powered your device off/on to soft reset it since having this issue? Have you downloaded 3rd party applications to your device? If so, some application software may be affecting the performance of your phone. Try uninstalling any unwanted applications and delete the application that you're having issues with. Once you have removed those applications and powered your device off/on to soft reset; redownload that particular application to your device. Keep us posted.

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