Is there an app to record my voice while driving?


I have a Droid 3 and Motorola Roadster. Is there a way for the roadster to tell phone to record my voice? For example: I'm driving. I push a button on the Roadster and tell it to "take a memo" or some such command.

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Re: Is there an app to record my voice while driving?


Me too. 

Wanted “hands free” voice memo recording.

I am an inspector.  I want to use my new Motorola Razr Maxx to make voice memos… recordings, while I am inspecting.  I have a Plantronics Voyager PRO HD Bluetooth headset that I can access my voice commands.  Love it.

I am disappointed that my phone does not have a memo recorder as a part of the ‘voice commands’ I access through my headset.

I have not found an app to let me do what I need to do. 

I want to use my headset to access the recorder… then use the headset to start and stop the recording … all from my headset while leaving my phone in the safety of its pouch. 

Does anybody know of an app or widget to get me where I want to go?