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How do I turn off that terrible music callers get when they call me.  They get a message that says something about listen to the music while they locate me.  It's awful music and I would like to turn if off.  Most people say they would rather hear the phone ringing than listen to that music.

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Re: Incoming Calls

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You are paying for what is called, 'Ringback'. It allows you to choose a song at a price for a 3 month period of time. After that I THINK it reverts to a stock ringback tone.


I am sure a call to CS can cancel that service. Or you may be able to do so online also.


Re: Incoming Calls


You would be referring to your ringback tone.  

While waiting for a Verizon Wireless subscriber to answer, a caller typically hears a standard ringer. The RBT (Ringback Tone) service allows a subscriber to replace the standard ringer with a musical selection or sound effect that can be customized on the basis of:

  • caller ID,
  • a group ID defined by the subscriber,
  • the time of day, or
  • the day of the week. 
You can remove the ringback tone by removing the ringback tones feature off your line.  That will completely remove the  ringback tone and return your number to having a normal ring.

You would first log into your My Verizon account as the account owner.

Then you would  hover your mouse over on "Account" on the red bar at the top of your page and click on "Plan" located in the drop down menu.

On the far right of the "My Plan" page, click on "Change Features."

You can remove the check mark in the box next to the feature you want to remove and then click "Continue."

There you would choose to remove  the ringback tone feature. 



You can also change the song that is playing by going to Media and ringbacktones, then settings, and you can change to a different tone, or change the default tone.