In need of advice...


Hiya everyone,

About 7-8 months ago I went into my Verizon store because I was having problems with my iPhone. I had been thinking about switching back to an android anyway and just figured this was the time to do it. I was eligible for an upgrade and was going to get the Samsung galaxy 3. It was free at that time because the 5 had just come out. So I go in and i'm just looking around and of coarse the sales people are up my butt as they usually are when they smell fresh meat.  SO I tell the guy what i am wanting to do and of coarse he tries to upgrade me to something I don't want. which was fine I know that is their job. So he tells me about this oh so good new plan that has come out that I can upgrade whenever blah blah blah, the edge plan. He also tells me it will lower my plan. Which in all honesty it did but that's only because he switched my plan and then added the edge. Again I am under the impression I can upgrade whenever I need to I didn't realize you had to turn your phone in because on any other plan when I upgrade I can keep my phone. So now we are to the present. I have removed my insurance because again I was under the impression I could upgrade. I know I know it was stupid and ill never make that mistake again. Anyways I have dropped my phone and at first it wasn't bad, but now I can not see any of my screen. Verizon has told me they cannot do anything at all and ill have to pay almost 500 dollars to get out of this plan and sign a new one. I do understand that a good deal of this was my fault for not doing my research but I should have been told more information about this plan. The plan is crazy and not for everyone!! I just want to see if anyone has any advice? Maybe someone has been through this? I almost feel like I am going to have to cancel Verizon and go with a different carrier I suppose that would be the worst thing in the world because I could cut my bill in half and have my termination fees paid in no time with the money I would save.  And again I just feel that Verizon should want to do a little more to keep me as a customer.

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